Hannah Palazzi

Actor, Los Angeles

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Hannah Palazzi is a graduate of the Northern Arizona University Theatre-Performance program. She earned her bachelors in the fall of 2015 and is now living and working in the Los Angeles area. 

Hannah has performed in several short films, including The Nurse (winner of the 'Annabelle: Creation Short Film Contest'), and she is currently co-starring in a new sci-fi, action TV series, CYBORGS UNIVERSE, from director Leonardo Corbucci. Season One is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

Hannah performs regularly with The Dollface Dames: L.A.'s Premier Burlesque and Cabaret Company, as songbird and host, Phoenix Velour.  Information about upcoming shows can be found on The Dames Facebook page, or Phoenix Velour's Instagram page.


cyborgs Universe

Now streaming on Amazon Prime

learn more at cyborgsuniverse.com



Agent: Joe Florance

Phone: 929.701.6215

Email: joe@circleof10talent.com

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For inquiries please contact Joe Florence at Circle of 10 Talent, or feel free to get in contact with Hannah directly via email.



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Hannah Palazzi

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